Treatment Paper

House of Leaves Film

1. Concept

House of Leaves will take the paranormal activity approach when concerning the one storyline of the movie where Navidson is filming his family’s move to his new house. The eerie changes to the house will be caught on hand cam footage so will have an unbelievable element. When investigating the houses suspicious behavior the audience will have little to confirm its supernatural elements until its too late and our main characters are in over their heads.
2. Characters

Will Navidson – Photographer, father. His marriage is losing its passion and he is difficult to tame. He wants to do daring and spontaneous things but his role as a father is weighing on his conscience.

Tom Navidson – A bit of a loser, the black sheep of the family. Outshined by Will but he is completely content or oblivious to the fact. All in all a good hearted person.

Karen Navidon – Wife of Will and former model. She loves her husband very much but is at a loss for ideas on how to save her marriage. She feels like an affair or threatening to leave will reign Will in to being a father or husband.

Holloway Roberts – Accomplished explorer. Comes to commandeer the expedition of Will’s house. A very proud man that can’t admit defeat, the very idea drives him crazy.

3. Themes – The House in the story is a supernatural place where once you get lost in it, the house exploits your fears and emotions. There are many metaphors to be drawn from how the house represents the uncertainty of human existence and how the fact that none of the great questions about human life can be answered, these are the scariest themes about humanity. Everyone in the audience can relate because the struggle is universal.

4. Locations –

The House itself is infinitely large, so the setting will mostly take place in and around the House, some of the interviews will be done in hotel rooms in New York or California (the actual location doesnt matter).

Then there will be a scene at the end with Johnny Truant at his destroyed apartment.
5. Action Scene –

The gun fight between Holloway and Will Navidson. When in the depths of the house Holloway and his crew get lost, Will goes in to save them with his friend Bill Reston, who happens to be handicapped and in a Wheel chair. When they arrive at one of the explorers dead body they find he has been wounded. Only at the moment the characters discover the would was a gun shot. Holloway is the only person in the house with the gun. Out of the dark a shot rings out and plinks the glass lamp Reston is holding up to the dead body, now it is pitch black and they are trapped in the maze with a gone-mad Holloway.
6. Dialogue Scene –

The conversation will periodic interviews that were done in the making of the documentary inside the film. Navidson films home videos the whole time, someone unnamed to the audience is piecing them together and filling in the gaps with interviews. A strong interview comes when Karen Navidson has to talk about an experience Will had with photographing plagued children in Africa where he couldn’t help them but just had to photograph them.

7. Pitch

House of Leaves already has a cult following. The eerie nature of the book makes it irresistable. The story is very much one that leaves you with more questions than answers. I plan to make it a movie that is impossible not to talk about when walking away from the film. As a stand alone film Navidson Record has the typical arc of any horror thriller, but the ending is where the maker of the documentary reveals himself as a young man named Johnny Truant and the integrity of the film comes into question because he has no tapes or film, he is just writing a screenplay. The film can end with his destroyed apartment that he has locked himself in a paranoid state of helplessness.


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